Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shabby Baby is here!!!

So as most of you know, my sister Katie and I have been hard at work with CK and Emily from Shabby Apple the last 6 months on our new clothing line for little girls. Shabby Baby by Addi & Kinsi is finally here! Our dresses will be up on the Shabby Apple website late in the day on Thursday. This venture of ours has been a great experience and learning process. We got to take part in our first real photo shoot last October, I experienced the scary fabric district in L.A. by myself (something I would not recommend), and we have become the queens of multi-tasking. I hope you all enjoy the dresses, they come in sizes 0-6 months to 5T. So let me know if you need any, I've got a big box of them that I would love to get rid of! Here are a few pictures of the dresses, my niece Mckinley is the little blonde, she is too cute. And for all of you in Utah...set your dvr for March 6th when my sister and CK will be showing the dresses on Good Things Utah.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More pics...

Here is more pictures from the reception. It was one big party. And doesn't Addi look so pretty? We had her dress custom made for her it was amazing. It's too bad she will probably never wear it again. She was so tired by the end of the night, she ended up falling asleep on Shandra around 10:30. Considering she had no nap, we were all impressed.

The Big Day

So...Chelcie's wedding was a big success. Addi behaved herself all day and everything was absolutely beautiful. Here are a few photos (okay, several) I took, but look forward to Samuel's photos, we got a little preview and they are, of course, amazing.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Years

We went up to the cabin for New Year's, there was no snow, but we got to see the fire damage from the November fires. It was crazy how close it got to the Clawson's house. We took a walk and saw so many house with only the chimney left. It was so sad. We spent the rest of the weekend addicted to the 7th season of CSI. I started to get sick while we were there, which resulted in the last two weeks of flu in our house. We finally got over it just in time for Chelcie's wedding.

Happy Christmas!

So, I am a little behind, but here are some pictures from Christmas day. We started our day off at home opening presents and then had breakfast with the Morphy's. We headed over to the Clawson's around noon to open more presents. Addi received a new doll house and loved it. She had no interest in her other gifts for over an hour. Then us kids went and saw I Am Legend, a must see. So good. Here is the entire Clawson Clan Christmas morning, minus Shandra and Christian who were in Hawaii.