Monday, March 26, 2012

Addi's First Tennis Lesson

Addi decided to take a break from soccer for a little while and give tennis a try. She has been really into Wii tennis and going to our tennis court in our complex lately, so I knew she would like it.  Aside from her non-stop chatter on the court and she did really well.  She is so funny (maybe not to others though), giving commentary to everything happening on the court.  We had to have a talk with her after the lesson about how tennis is a quiet sport and it is impolite to talk while other people are trying to hit the ball.  The coach made several comments about her "enthusiasm," and how she was "so spirited," and needed "to be an actress."  We have our hands full with this one.    

Here's a shot of her.  Both balls she hit were in, I was so impressed.  Please ignore my obnoxious voice.  

Palm Springs and other happenings...

A few weeks ago, Ian and I had the opportunity to take a "work" trip to Palm Springs for the weekend.  My dad just retired this month, so my parents were already planning a trip down here that week, so we pawned the kids off on them and took off.  We stayed at one of my favorite places, the JW Marriot, and took full advantage.  
Friday and Saturday night we had tickets to the BNP Paribas Tennis Open.  It was amazing.  The first night we caught the tail end of Andy Roddicks match and then saw Rafael Nadal play.  I've always loved tennis, so it was incredible to see it in person.  Even Ian was also impressed.  Our tickets were only about 10 rows back both nights, so I actually got a little dizzy trying to keep up with the ball.  The second night we saw Maria Sharapova play and then saw Andy Murray, who is ranked 4th in the world, get beat by an unranked Garcia-Lopez.  It was unreal.  Enough about tennis...
While my parents were here, we took the kids fishing at Poway Lake.  The kids didn't last too long, but they had a good time.  
A couple of Addi's classmates just happened to be there fishing that day, so there actually wasn't much fishing going on, but rather playing in the dirt and running around.
My mom brought down a couple of my grandma's old recipe books.  It was fun to see how different food was when my grandma was cooking for her family.  The way it was organized reminded me of my "pinboards" I have on Pinterest, minus the technology.  I was able to photocopy recipes I remembered eating as kid.  
I always have a project for my dad when they come to visit.  Not that I can't do these projects myself, but it's just easier if he does them for me :).  And since Ian isn't handy like him, I just wait for him to come and do them.  So we started with two Ikea pine dressers that we got for $35 and turned them into this...
Excuse the mess in the background.  That is actually one of the cleaner part of my garage.  I got the idea from Pinterest, and it was really simple.  The hardest part was just figuring out what the best game plan would be for the stain to make it dark enough.  After buying and returning a few different things, we settled on a separate stain and polyurethane.  And then just painted the drawers white.  It turned out better than I expected.   
Alas, a belly shot.  I am now almost 24 weeks pregnant.  Luckily, other than being constantly tired and having a little cold this weekend, I have been feeling pretty good.  Good enough to keep up my gym routine, which has made such a huge difference this time around.  I'm still doing 4-5 classes a week and am able to keep up.  I'm always just happy to get through it.  

Monday, March 19, 2012

Von's First Soccer Game

Ever since Addi started soccer last summer, Von has been dying to play himself.  He finally became old enough to play this month.  Whenever soccer has come up in conversation the last few months, usually with Addi and random people, he always chimed in, "I get to play in March."  So there has been a lot of anticipation the last few months.   
His first game was last Friday.  He is the youngest on the team and is so clueless.  It was so funny to watch.  
During warm-ups with his team, he kept running back and forth down the field, kicking his soccer ball with no interest in what the rest of the team (who was all line up taking turns shooting at the goal) was doing.
When he is all by himself, with his ball, he looks really good!  Like he knows what he is doing.  But as soon as the other kids were on the field with him, he looked like a chicken with his head cut off, running around with no purpose.  It is pure entertainment.
He got to start the game and take the first kick.  This is coach trying to instruct him.  I wish I could have heard that conversation!
And then he had his chance at goalie.  Also entertaining.  We can't wait for the next game.  He had so much fun and was so proud of himself.