Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wild Animal Park

 Ian's parents were in town last weekend for the Padre game so we tagged up with them at the Wild Animal Park.
 I love giraffes.  They are so pretty.
 Addi and the elephants.
 In a nest of some sort.
 She was all about posing that day.
 This gorilla was so sweet.  If you look closely, it is carrying it's baby in it's arms.
 Crazy kids.
Bubba.  Obviously, this was pre-haircut.  He had quite the chops going on.


Two things...
Bubba finally got a haircut!  It was LONG overdue.  And there wasn't one tear.  It was a major accomplishment.  The girl I took him to, asked me to leave the room.  Apparently that's the trick.  I wonder if she cuts nails?
Von put himself down for a nap today while I was getting ready.  He got his blankets and took his own shoes off and even put his empty sippy in the sink before he settled down for a little snooze.  Love him.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Padre Game

We went to the Padre game last night with the kids. It was free t-shirt night, the kids insisted on wearing theirs. The were a bit big :)

We only lasted until the third inning. Von kept yelling, "when is it time to go?!!!" Addi enjoyed it, especially the cotton candy.

Love this picture.

Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten!

So because I had made all of our travel arrangements to Washington before I knew we were moving, Addi ended up missing her whole first week of kindergarten.  I tried to change the tickets, but it would have cost me an extra $600!  So, oh well, right?  I figured Addi wouldn't know the difference.  So we flew in at eight o'clock at night to Long Beach (a two hour drive from San Diego).  It was already going to be a long day and Addi was scheduled to be at school at 8 am the next morning.  While I was gone my brother, who we won't name, took my car to San Francisco while I was in Washington (I'm the best sister ever, right?). Well, he's not exactly known for being on time and he was running 2+ hours late to pick me up from the airport.  So a late night turned into an even later night.  We got home at 12:30 am.  So these pictures were taken after little sleep.  Here are the bloopers...

 I love them though, it totally shows her crazy personality.  In having a conversation with Katie once about Addison's craziness and the possibility of having ADD or ADHD, she bluntly said, "How else would you explain her behavior?!"  We love her nonetheless.  Of the 20+ pictures I took, there were some keepers.  It's a good thing I have a fast shutter speed on my camera!

Ian and I took her to school early on her first day to meet her teacher, Mrs. Tebbetts.  
 Luckily, Addi loves school and was so excited.
 Finding her cubby.
Our big Kindergartener!  After she finished her second day of I asked her, "Have you made any friends?" To which she replied, "Oh Mom, I have tons of friends already!"  Ironically, none of which she could remember their names :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Visit from Erin

One of my very best friends, Erin, came up to visit for a couple of days while we were in Washington.  She has three kids, three years old and younger.  So it was crazy. 
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.
 We went down to the beach with the kids.  The girls collected a bunch of rocks.
Remember the 13 pound baby I posted about awhile back.  Well, this is him.  His name is Ty and he's about 25 pounds now at  seven months.
 Eliza and Addi became quick friends.
 Justin, possibly the sweetest little boy I have ever met.  He's right up there with Von.
As we were walking home, I looked down at Von's foot and it was covered in blood!  When we got back to the house I looked underneath his foot and there was a big slice on his big toe.  There were no tears.  I would have never known if it weren't for the large amount of blood.


I love that my kids love each other so much (in between punching each other and fighting a lot of the time).  Everyday when we pick Addi up from school, Von runs up to her as soon as she gets out of her classroom door and they give each other hugs and then hold hands as they walk out to the car.
 My dad and the kids on the four wheeler.
 Back in the orchard.
 Von riding solo.
My grandpa has all sorts of motorized vehicles in his garage.  Since he can't legally drive, he has bought other mode of transportation which he drives all over the island.  He has his four wheeler, motorized scooter, motorize bicycle, and has bought the kids a Hot Wheels Jeep and four wheeler of their own.
 Crazy kids
 Love them.
 Addi going crazy on her four wheeler.
After a while, Von finally got the hang of it.

Here's Addi going crazy.  Check out her tricks!  She's so funny.

Utsalady Bay

This is the beach the house I grew up in looked at.  We went to a barbecue at a classmate's of my dad's house.
Mt. Baker
Sand Angels?
She had sand in her hair for days.
The weather was not really warm, I didn't think they would be getting in the water, so I didn't bring any swim suits.  That didn't stop them.
Little by little they got further and further in.
Bubba HATES anything on his hands, especially hair or sand.
Addi girl
I love how Addi loves life!
And then the clothes came off.  There was no stopping them.
Looking out to sea.
The house I grew up in is in the left hand side of the picture.  We had such a great view, but my parent's traded up for a house on the beach on the other side of the island.