Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Addi has been doing so well at swim lately, I wanted to document it. She is now doing the backstroke and working on her side breathing.
She no longer has a fear of swimming without goggles. You have no idea what a struggle it was to get her to swim without goggles. She cried for 3 entire lessons. Now she doesn't even want them and is opening her eyes under water.
She is able to get herself out of the pool without any help.
And she dives for rings!
We love her instructor Scott. He has been with her for almost a year and a half now. Before Christmas break, Von was doing his lessons with no tears, but it seems like now we are back to square one and he has been sick, so he has missed his last couple of lessons. But we will carry on...

Pretend City

My cousin Chelsey came into town last weekend and we met up with her and her husband and little girl at Pretend City. It was our first time there and were so impressed. It was such a great place for the kids.
Bubba and his two teeth.
Addi picking apples in the "orchard."
The fire department.
Von making some music in the grass.
He is such a little boy these days, I wish I could keep him at this stage.

13 months

Von turned 13 months last week. He is STILL not walking completely. He will take a few steps here and there with coaxing. We are just waiting for the day when he takes off. He is still so sweet and a joy to have around.

Addi Boo

Ian's sister, Brooke, got married on the 2nd. Addi was the flower girl, so primping was most necessary.
Typical Addi. Surprisingly, she loved having the curlers in. She thought she was so cool. And we did her nails, always a favorite of hers.
Getting her to sit still at all is a challenge, especially when there is nail polish involved. Look for the pictures of the wedding to come, I have to wait for the photographer's. I brought my camera, but never took it out of the bag. Oops.


Happy New Year! We celebrated with a pajama party at Laura and Josh Meier's house. It was a good time without the kiddos and with good friends.
All of the King kids and their spouses.
Lori Hexburg. The lone representative from the Davis family.
The Clawson girls. I always refer to myself as the "other sister," since I am the only sister-in-law and now the only blonde. Oh, and I am super pale compared to them!
Ian and I. He didn't last too long in his jammies. The feet were too small, so he opted for his regular clothes after a bit.