Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trunk or Treat!

Last night we celebrated Halloween at our ward's "trunk or treat." Von made the perfect cowboy. I dug out Addi's old skinny jeans, my mom found the leather vest which was my little brother's when he was a toddler, and the boots were borrowed from Jaime. It was a bit of a group effort! But it paid off.
These were the only picture I got with the hat on. Giddy up.
And our little mermaid. She actually let me put my hair extensions in her hair (just brushing it is a nightmare). It looked so real and pretty.Our attempt at a family picture. My costume is self-explanatory and Ian is a tourist.
Addi hitting her dad up for some candy.
Addi and her friend Jane. They had an impromptu dance party and showed off their "moves."
Addi rocking out.
Round two. I love this picture of Von and Addi. Ian reported that Von was perfect all night, handing out candy to all of the kids. It was such a great time, Addi this morning said, "it was the most awesome trick or treating ever!"


My sister and her family were in town last week so we hit up Knott's together on Saturday. We just had Von with us as Addi went to Utah last week with Ian's mom and sisters. There was hardly anyone there, we walked on every ride. One ride, my nephew Carson and my sister stayed on a ride 5 times in a row without getting off. It was a great day!
My sister and her baby Beckham.
Von and McKinley.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Early Birthday!

So, both of our kids are born in December. Addi is the 9th and Von is the 12th. Instead of celebrating during all of the Holiday chaos, we decided to throw a duel birthday bash for the both of them last weekend.
Ian grew up with a guy that is an actual magician. He has a membership to The Magic Castle in LA, so we hired him, hence the magic themed everything. It was quite the preparation. I made all of the desserts and food (110 enchiladas plus Spanish rice, salad, etc., etc.), magicians capes for all of the kids (I scored fabric for $1 a yard!), and all of the decorations. Looking at the rather large pictures of them I asked, "and I wonder why our children think the world revolves around them?" Maybe because it does. We love them though and were so excited to celebrate them!
I was the total party Nazi. I made everyone pose for pictures as they walked in.
The birthday girl.
The birthday boy!
Addi's BFF Luke.
Family pic.
Jones family minus Max.
Jason and Richelle.
Leckey family.
Jaime is going to kill me for posting this picture. She is due any day, so why wouldn't she have a plate of food in the picture?
Stephanie is also due any day. That is the third pregnant person. There must be something in the water.
Jacobs family.
Beutler kids.
Hexburg fam.
Brad, Koko and Tanman.
Ian's sister Shandra and Tristan.
Nama and Papa, Shandra and Tristan
My cousin Mikelle, Blake and Scarlet.
Kate with the magician, Seth.
My little Bubba.
Charlie, magician in the making.Addi was so cute. After every trick, she would yell, "Wow! That was so magical!"
Pure magic!
My babies.
Von still doesn't get the whole blowing out the candles thing.
Love him.
The kids got so many nice gifts! They were so happy.
Until Ian tried on this gift...
and Von got a little upset.
The aftermath. Addi was asleep on the couch by 9. It was a great party. I am so glad it is over with.

Monday, October 4, 2010


After a very busy week last week, Ian and I hopped on a plane on Friday and made a quick trip to Utah for Ian's mission reunion. We were exhausted by the time we got there, but made the most of it. On Friday night we went to his reunion mainly to see his best friend Chris who he lived with in the MTC and then lived together going to school in Hawaii and his Mission President and his wife the Crayks. Saturday we were up early for Carson's soccer game and then we headed out to Riverton to see Ian's grandparents.
Saturday night we met up with Heidi and Ben for dinner and a movie. We showed up in matching outfits unplanned.
Sunday my cousin Mikelle blessed her beautiful baby girl, Scarlet. She was angelic all day. I was so glad we could be there, it was a very special day!
All of my grandma's granddaughters. My sister Katie, Me, Mikelle, Kim and Chelsey.
Us with our 92 year old grandma.
The Nyborg women. Chelsey, my aunt Kathryn and Mikelle.