Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trunk or Treat!

Last night we celebrated Halloween at our ward's "trunk or treat." Von made the perfect cowboy. I dug out Addi's old skinny jeans, my mom found the leather vest which was my little brother's when he was a toddler, and the boots were borrowed from Jaime. It was a bit of a group effort! But it paid off.
These were the only picture I got with the hat on. Giddy up.
And our little mermaid. She actually let me put my hair extensions in her hair (just brushing it is a nightmare). It looked so real and pretty.Our attempt at a family picture. My costume is self-explanatory and Ian is a tourist.
Addi hitting her dad up for some candy.
Addi and her friend Jane. They had an impromptu dance party and showed off their "moves."
Addi rocking out.
Round two. I love this picture of Von and Addi. Ian reported that Von was perfect all night, handing out candy to all of the kids. It was such a great time, Addi this morning said, "it was the most awesome trick or treating ever!"


Shandra and Christian said...

I hope that you did the fastest cheer in the world in that costume!

The costumes turned out great! Love it all.

Di said...

You did a good job on those hair extenions. It looks like her own long golden locks. Miss you, maybe you should come visit me soon.

Christy Beal said...


I was wondering if I could chat about some business Ideas Ive been having. I figure you would have the know how after going through everything with Shabby Apple, and maybe you can steer me in the right direction to get started! Could I call you? Hows that for blog stalking?! I think Jayna has your number - but let me know!