Sunday, May 25, 2008


Tonight we had plans to hit up Kate's 3rd birthday party, and then a wedding of a family friend. They were both interrupted when while we were getting ready, Addi grabbed ahold of the hot end of my curling iron and gave herself 2nd degree burns on a large part of her thumb. I stepped out of the bathroom for literally 5 seconds, and as I slipped out, I didn't see Addi slip in. I caught her just as she grabbed the curling iron. It was so sad. As I was apologizing to Ian that it happened, he replied, "It's okay, it's not your fault you were not born with curly hair." Leave it to Ian to lighten up a situation. She sobbed all the way to Kaiser and when we got there, she was so upset that she threw up. Luckily I am a pro at catching her puke. They soaked her hand in saline and luckily while it was soaking she fell asleep in my arms. They bandaged her blistered hand up and we were good to go. The most priceless part of the day, however, was when Ian was getting her out of her car seat when we got home, she looked at him and said, "Daddy, I feel better. Fingers went night nights." Her demeanor is back to normal, but we have a long road ahead of us until it is healed.

Girls Weekend

Heidi flew in this weekend from Salt Lake to spend the weekend with Jaime and I. I went down to San Diego on Friday morning with Addi. Her and "Chubbie," as she calls him, are best of friends. Every time they got in the car, they would hold hands completely on their own. Saturday morning Dan took both kids up to Huntington to hang out with Ian so we could have some time with no kids. We went to lunch (for three hours), got our nails done and then went to the beach in La Jolla and sat at a coffee shop with our hot chocolate and chatted for another hour and a half, all thing that would not have been possible with two little ones running around. It doesn't seem like much, but it was so great. So much fun to be together again. Heidi and I go back over 10 years and Jaime almost 9. It is amazing the things that you remember when you are with your friends. And it is amazing to remember how our minds used to work and all of the stupid choices we made that are absolutely hilarious now. Our next adventure is in the works, we hope to take a girls trip to Hawaii soon to relive our past lives for a week. I can't wait and pray that it works out! I love you guys!!!

New Pictures!

My good friend Jen Wyeth took these pictures of Addi and I. She will officially be 2 1/2 in a couple of weeks. Time flies! The hot pink dress is one of our new ones on, Addi was a good little model, check it out!