Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Santa Ana Zoo

We also enjoyed the Santa Ana Zoo this week with Raechel, Jonas and Asher. There wasn't much at the zoo, but they did have a great play structure and a little petting zoo. The kids had fun seeing all of the monkeys. That was really just about all they had there, it was kind of surprising.

Vampire Weekend

No, I am not talking about Edward or Bella or anything related to Twilight. We went and saw Vampire Weekend (a band) with Kelly and Jason last week. We ate dinner in LA with them and then enjoyed the show. Jason has lots of connections in LA, so we had backstage passes after the show. It was a good time.
Me looking large...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Water Safe

We recently enrolled Addi in "water safe" swim classes out in Seal Beach and had a major break through on Wednesday. She goes for just 15 minutes 2 days a week with her instructor Scott and they focus on getting the kids to be able to save themselves if they were to ever fall in a pool unattended (my worst fear since Ian's parents have a pool). He was recommended to us by the Tuggles and Jacobs who have been so happy with the progress their kids have made with these lessons as well. The first two lessons were kind of hard to watch, she screamed the entire time. I would hide behind a mirrored window so she couldn't see me, but by the end of both, he had her floating on her back without his assistance (still crying the whole time). So, on Wednesday, we had her third lesson (still crying a lot, but a little more calm) and by the end of it as the pictures show, she was able to jump in the water, guided by him, and then on her own without him touching her, she got herself up to the top, rolled herself over and then began to back float all with out him touching her until the very end (all while still crying). It was amazing to see, especially just after 3, 15 minute lessons. We are so excited about the progress she has made.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall is here!

Which dresses! Three of our five new dresses are online and Addi is one of the models (my niece McKinley is the other). We had some major manufacturing issues with some of the dresses, so the last two will be up in a couple of weeks.

Sonny & Cher


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 7 At Sea

A few pictures from our last day at sea.

Playing cards

Addi had a great week, playing outside, visiting friends and spending time with her Nana. Papa, Grandma and Grandpa. I was so happy that she did so well her first time away from us for so long. We will have to do it again! Once we got back, and told her about the "big boat" we were on she said, "next time, Addi go too?" She is already looking forward to it. I was so excited to get back to her and get home.

Day 6 At Sea

We spent most of the day by the pool, the guys played mini golf and basketball and I finally finished my book. It was the last formal night and other than that, it was pretty uneventful.
Our preggo prom picture

Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 5 St. Maarten

This was the probably the best day we had. The weather was amazing and our excursion was so fun. We went on a tour on these little boats, that were like wave runners. We drove to a beach on the French side of the island to snorkel. The water was beautiful. Ian and I even saw (and almost hit) a large sea turtle while in our boat.

The beach we snorkeled at. Luckily, the people on this beach had their clothes on. Most of the beaches on the French side of the island are clothing optional.

Belly Shot. 25 weeks.

Our boat.

Sunset in St. Maarten

Sister Sister

Day 4 St. Thomas

We finally ported in St. Thomas on Wednesday. We were all ready to get off of the boat for a little while after being on a rocky boat the entire day before. Our first excursion that was planned was a catamaran ride to another island to go snorkeling. It was overcast when we started out, but still really hot. However, as we started sailing the weather changed on us. Here are some before pictures...

We were hit pretty bad by a tropical storm. Chelcie and I saw it coming and as we were crawling to the cabin (the waves were so big, we were unable to stand) it started to come down. For about a half hour it rained heavily and the waves made the boat incredibly rocky. Ian and Armando both got sick as well as half of the other people on the boat.

Once we made it through the storm, the waves calmed down and we were able to go snorkeling. Several people, including Armando saw a nurse shark that was in the water, among many other things. The water was so warm, despite the weather.

After the excursion we ate lunch and did a little shopping.

The family went on another excursion, the Screaming Eagle. I was unable to go, due to me being pregnant. It was a speed boat that could stop and flip around on a dime. They had a good time.

Like father, like son

One of the other highlights of the day was dinner (I know, shocking). We passed on the main dining room and ate at the ship's steakhouse, Chops. It's a Ruth's Chris style steakhouse and was amazing. Definitely the best meal of the trip.

Addi is loving the four wheeler. Today, she rode down to the beach with my dad to throw rocks. She insisted that my dad throw rocks at the same time she was. They also rode back to the garden. After her ride she played in the front yard twirling and singing. Because this was our first big trip away from her, I got her a little gift with a note from Ian and I for everyday we were gone. She loved the presents and it gave her something to look forward to everyday.

Day 3 At Sea

Our second day at sea was rather uneventful. It rained the entire day and they had 80 mph winds on the top deck. Needless to say, it was a rocky day. Ian and I slept in until noon, went and had lunch and then I took a 2 1/2 hour nap. It was great. That day, my mom took Addi to a family friend's farm to see the animals. Addi loved it and cried when they had to leave, after being there for three hours.

Day 2 At Sea

Today, we were supposed to be stopping in Coco Cay, Bahamas, but due to the several hurricanes going on around us, that stop had to be cancelled. We, however, had great weather. The sun was out and it was so hot! Just how I like it. We started our day getting massages, and then going to the gym and the spent the rest of the day laying out (getting sunburned), swimming, napping and eating. A typical Clawson vacation. It was so relaxing.
Marsha and Bret

Lunch at Johnny Rockets

It was our first "Formal" night (not so formal for us). Some people went all out, with tuxes and prom dresses. Here's us and our attempt to be formal.

Addi had another good day. She played on the beach, picked apples in the orchard for applesauce and tried her first bite of crab. She wasn't a fan.