Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 4 St. Thomas

We finally ported in St. Thomas on Wednesday. We were all ready to get off of the boat for a little while after being on a rocky boat the entire day before. Our first excursion that was planned was a catamaran ride to another island to go snorkeling. It was overcast when we started out, but still really hot. However, as we started sailing the weather changed on us. Here are some before pictures...

We were hit pretty bad by a tropical storm. Chelcie and I saw it coming and as we were crawling to the cabin (the waves were so big, we were unable to stand) it started to come down. For about a half hour it rained heavily and the waves made the boat incredibly rocky. Ian and Armando both got sick as well as half of the other people on the boat.

Once we made it through the storm, the waves calmed down and we were able to go snorkeling. Several people, including Armando saw a nurse shark that was in the water, among many other things. The water was so warm, despite the weather.

After the excursion we ate lunch and did a little shopping.

The family went on another excursion, the Screaming Eagle. I was unable to go, due to me being pregnant. It was a speed boat that could stop and flip around on a dime. They had a good time.

Like father, like son

One of the other highlights of the day was dinner (I know, shocking). We passed on the main dining room and ate at the ship's steakhouse, Chops. It's a Ruth's Chris style steakhouse and was amazing. Definitely the best meal of the trip.

Addi is loving the four wheeler. Today, she rode down to the beach with my dad to throw rocks. She insisted that my dad throw rocks at the same time she was. They also rode back to the garden. After her ride she played in the front yard twirling and singing. Because this was our first big trip away from her, I got her a little gift with a note from Ian and I for everyday we were gone. She loved the presents and it gave her something to look forward to everyday.

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Julie said...

So fun, that is definitely our next cruise destination. Alaska was too cold!