Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 1 Boarding the Ship

We all flew into Orlando on Saturday and met up at the airport. We then headed to our hotel, had dinner and did a little shopping. On Sunday, we took a shuttle to Port Canaveral to get on the ship. I was actually to far along with my pregnancy to cruise, so equipped with a baggy dress, we did our best to conceal the belly until we got on the ship.

Once aboard the ship, we had to participate in the safety drill and then the guys booked our excursions for the days that we were at port.

We were most excited, however for dinner. Dinner every night was fabulous. Even more so, because I am pregnant and did not hold back on the amount of food that I consumed. I ordered at least two appetizers and desserts (plus bread and an entree) every night. One thing that I fell in love with, that I had never had before was cold soup. I know, it sounds weird. But just about every night they had one fruit soup, so I tried them all. I had pear, apple, berry, & strawberry. They were so good.

The Girls

Addi also had a good day. She went to church with my mom and made it through Sacrament and half of Sunday School. She also played outside with my dad and hung out and my Grandma and Grandpa's. Because we don't make it up there much, I know that everyone loved having time to get to know her. For everyday that we were gone, I left her a little present and note from Ian and I. She of course loved the presents. We were only able to talk to her once during the week, it was so hard not to be with her, but it would have been even harder to have her with us. Could you imagine a formal sit down dinner every night with Addi? It would have been a nightmare.

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Rob and Juliann said...

I loved reading about your cruise! Rob and I went 2 years in a row and we took Claire both times. When she was 8 months she did great. The one when she was 20 months was HORRIBLE! I'm glad you got to leave Addi. Lucky you!