Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egg Hunt #1

Yesterday, Ian's work had an Easter egg hunt. Which was kind of funny, because it was just our kids who were there hunting. The residents sat and watched our kids run around screaming in delight of all of their finds. Von wanted to climb in this fountain. He tried, but luckily the bushes were to high.
Yay! One picture of two kids smiling and looking at the camera at the same time!
Looking for eggs...
Daddy helping them.
Addi was at a mad dash the whole time, trying to beat Von to all of the eggs.
The loot.
Von and Addi both shared their eggs and candy with the people watching. The kids did so great interacting with all of the residents. It's always a little anxiety inducing bringing them into Ian's work. You never know what may come out of their mouths :) After we left, many of the residents told Ian how the kids made their day!


Because Addi is now in a district Preppy-K, she just participated in her first jog-a-thon. The morning started out rough, however, because I forgot to have her wear her official Moffett Jog-A-Thon t-shirt (okay, maybe I intentionally dressed her in something else that morning thinking she wouldn't care/notice that other kids had theirs on). She was so sad when she got to school and saw the other kids (only about half) of them all dressed alike. So, I had to run right home and right back to get it their before her 8:30 run time.
To top it off, when I got their I noticed that Addi (who had put her clothes on by herself that morning) had put her pants on backwards! Oh well.
It was the hottest day of the week and she did great at first...but then the tears came. They had to run/walk for 25 minutes straight in 80+ degree weather. I ended up walking the last couple of laps with her because she was so "tired." In between every lap she stopped at me to have a drink of water/kill as much time as she possibly could.
Almost done...
The kids enjoyed their otter pops and the shade after. Her class also had a party which all of the parents were invited. Addi is always asking me to come help out in her class like the other moms and dads, but with Von, I don't have that opportunity. So, I got a babysitter that day so I could be there to help out. She was so happy, talked about it all week. I was glad I could make her day.

More Pics...

My cousin Chelsey, of my sister and I and our kids when we were out. Taking pictures of five kids that do not want to get their pictures taken was a CHALLENGE. But the results were worth it! We went to her house first where she has a studio in her basement and then to an apple orchard that was just starting to bloom.
Addi 5.3 years old
McKinley 6 years old
Beckham 11 months
We won't talk about how old Katie and I are.

Carson 10.5 years old

Von 2.3 years old
Check out this sequence of Von. Every time we tried to take a picture of all five kids he took off. Over and over again. And that's me trying to catch him.

This was the best one we could get thanks to him!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Sorry...this is a little more long winded than I originally intended.
So, I'm not usually one to fall for magic beauty products and the idea of their fabulous results, but I had a weak moment when I was in Utah and ended up buying three sheets of these nail shields from Jamberry nails. My sister was showing her skirt line ( and at big Women's expo and so we met up with three of my cousins and aunt and shopped away. I have to say it was a good purchase. I am a once a year pedicure type of person. With two little ones there is just not enough time in the day and extra cash lying around to spend on the regular mani-pedi. So my nails either have nothing on them or look totally WT half polished, half chipped color. The girls in the booth promised easy application and that they would last 3-4 weeks. I was skeptical because I work out a lot and usually the tips of my nails are the first to wear away from rubbing against my running shoes. They have been on over a week and show no signs of falling off or wearing down. And they come in all sorts of cute patterns. Check it out, it's worth the investment. I barely used a quarter of one sheet to cover all of my nails. Anyways, I thought I'd just pass along my latest find!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Last week, the kids and I took off for Utah for some much needed cousin/sister/Nana & Papa H. time. The kids had so much fun. It was non-stop activity, from bowling, to the movies, to laser tag, mini golf, etc., etc. These pics are all from my iphone, as I never took my camera out of my bag. It was a great trip, more pictures to come of the kiddos that my photographer cousin Chelsey took. I'm crossing my fingers we got a few good ones of my disobedient children.
It snowed a ton the first few days we were there. Quite a change from our 80 degree beach day the week before. Another reminder why I love California.
Of course we couldn't get through the week without a little Dora...and the monkey backpack.
I decided not to take a stroller with me, and without the monkey leash I would have for sure had a missing 2 year old by the time we got to Salt Lake. Don't judge, if you would have seen him trying to constantly run away from me while I was juggling three pieces of luggage and two large carseats by myself, you would have completely understood the need.

Friday, April 1, 2011


My grandpa has always been an artist. As a kid, I have fond memories of him teaching me watercolor techniques and making lots of messes doing all things creative. I credit him for any creative talents I may have. The man is a jack of all trades, and when he had his eye sight, he was quite the artist. He has always been known for his greeting cards. He will paint something, or create something on the computer and have them printed at the local copy store. Cute, right? Ian received this one for his birthday. Could it get any better? In his 90s, he still knows how to make us smile!

First Beach Day!

Can you tell we're excited?