Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Pics...

My cousin Chelsey, of my sister and I and our kids when we were out. Taking pictures of five kids that do not want to get their pictures taken was a CHALLENGE. But the results were worth it! We went to her house first where she has a studio in her basement and then to an apple orchard that was just starting to bloom.
Addi 5.3 years old
McKinley 6 years old
Beckham 11 months
We won't talk about how old Katie and I are.

Carson 10.5 years old

Von 2.3 years old
Check out this sequence of Von. Every time we tried to take a picture of all five kids he took off. Over and over again. And that's me trying to catch him.

This was the best one we could get thanks to him!


kori said...

love these

Shandra said...

That back drop is perfect! And I love the sequence of Von running away from the group. It reminds me of when we attempted to take family pictures in my parents backyard. He makes me laugh!