Saturday, April 23, 2011


Because Addi is now in a district Preppy-K, she just participated in her first jog-a-thon. The morning started out rough, however, because I forgot to have her wear her official Moffett Jog-A-Thon t-shirt (okay, maybe I intentionally dressed her in something else that morning thinking she wouldn't care/notice that other kids had theirs on). She was so sad when she got to school and saw the other kids (only about half) of them all dressed alike. So, I had to run right home and right back to get it their before her 8:30 run time.
To top it off, when I got their I noticed that Addi (who had put her clothes on by herself that morning) had put her pants on backwards! Oh well.
It was the hottest day of the week and she did great at first...but then the tears came. They had to run/walk for 25 minutes straight in 80+ degree weather. I ended up walking the last couple of laps with her because she was so "tired." In between every lap she stopped at me to have a drink of water/kill as much time as she possibly could.
Almost done...
The kids enjoyed their otter pops and the shade after. Her class also had a party which all of the parents were invited. Addi is always asking me to come help out in her class like the other moms and dads, but with Von, I don't have that opportunity. So, I got a babysitter that day so I could be there to help out. She was so happy, talked about it all week. I was glad I could make her day.


Chelcie said...

Aw.. She's so cute & so old now! I wish I could've seen that in person, she looked so cute.

Shandra said...

It's so cute how important it was for her to wear her shirt. The things kids stress out about. :)

Good job Addi!