Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Instagrams...

I've realized that ever since I started using Instagram, I am terrible at actually taking pictures with my "real" camera.  My phone is just so much more convenient.  Last week, Von received player of the week after his soccer game.  He actually got his foot on the ball a few times and was a little more aware of what he was supposed to be doing.  He obviously was more into his slushy than the award.  Typical Von.
Oh Addi...luckily awhile ago, I order her some spandex shorts to wear under her skirts at school.  She has absolutely no inhibitions.  
Here's my belly at 27 weeks.  A few weeks ago, Addi had her ear on my stomach just like this and the baby kicked her hard enough it startled her.  She talks about it everyday.  "Remember when the baby kicked me..."  She is so excited to be a big sister again.  
We met up with Jaime and Dan and the kids at the Legoland Aquarium a few Saturdays ago.  It was a hit as usual.
The week before Easter was Addi's spring break.  Ian's parents were nice enough to take the kids for the entire week.  It was awesome.  I laid around, ran errands alone and Ian and I had date night just about every night.  On Friday, we met up with everyone at the cabin for some R & R.
Easter morning, the kids were up bright and early to find their baskets and eggs.  
I ordered the baby her first pair of Pedipeds.  They are by far my favorite baby/toddler shoes.  Addi and Von still wear them.  They last forever and are so comfy.  They have made Addi incredibly high maintenance when it comes to buying shoes for her.  She refuses to wear anything cheap or uncomfortable, which is unfortunate for us who have to pay for her shoes!  I try to tell her, "Beauty is pain, Addi.  You should learn that now."  She doesn't care.
We went to the USS Midway museum with Ian's sister and parents to do the drop off of the kids for spring break.  It was really incredible to see the inside of the ship and the military planes.  That's it for the update.  Hopefully, I will make a little more effort in the future to get my camera out!