Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We went to Addi's school for a Thanksgiving feast yesterday.  They put on a performance of songs, (unfortunately I couldn't get the video to upload) it was too cute.  Of course, the only thing Addi would eat is the corn.
And the cookies with whipped cream.

Field Trip

Addi had her first field trip on Wednesday. We went to the farm at the fair grounds. I love how in the picture all of the kids look a little unsure about a HUGE cow being so close to them.
Addi's class. She is loving school. Whenever anyone asks her how school is, she always replies, "school is great." And she gets so excited in the mornings when she finds out it is a school day.
The field trip was in the middle of Von's nap time.  He was not amused by the chick.
Addi got scolded by the farm lady for picking up one of the chicks.  I think in this picture it actually shows her picking it up.  Oops.
Addi and her teacher Miss Lauri.
Her new friend Hope.  Addi painted a family picture a while back.  It had Mommy and Daddy and Von and Addi and...Hope.  
So happy.
Addi and her friends.  They ran and played the whole morning.  How fun it would be to be a kid again.
This little boy is Cooper.  Addi's "new best friend."  I think she has a crush.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Addi had the flu on the day of Halloween. Luckily, she had no idea it was Halloween and that we had celebrated the week prior. So, Ian set up our 10x10 foot tent in our living room for the kids to play in. Addi thought "it was awesome." She watched movies and dragged her toys and brother in to play with. The funny thing about the tent, is that Ian bought it with intentions of getting me out in the wilderness to use it. This is as close to camping I am going to get anytime soon. Von is "SO BIG!"


We went to Disneyland a few weeks ago when Shandra was in town. It is always a hit for Addi. We went to both parks and it was a great day.  Luckily we were in between sickness for most of us.  We have been hit hard this year with EVERYTHING!  In 15 weeks, we were sick 11 of them.  Addi, Ian and I all got the flu at least once, Von and I got pink eye, I got food poisoning and bronchitis and Von and Addi both had a cold.  And then to end it, I threw out my back and could not stand up straight for almost two weeks.  Von was not a fan of Dakota.  The things we do to our kids for a picture...
The petting zoo is always a stop when we go there.  Addi loves her animals.
While the grown-ups were on a roller coaster, Addi and I rode the merry-go-round over and over again.
This was actually Von's first time on one, he was a champ.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I know this is a lot...

But it was too hard to chose. There are so many pictures, these are just a fraction of them. Our friend Jenn King took family pictures for us last weekend. We were going for a 60s look, it was a fun shoot and Jenn did a great job! There are a lot more pictures on facebook for your viewing pleasure :). Also, check out Jenn's photo blog at Oh, and Richelle Divis did my hair and make-up, if anyone is in need of her services, she is great too!