Monday, February 27, 2012

President's Week

Last week Addi had the whole week off of school.  This was after she missed 6 out of the 10 previous days of school due to the lice and an ear infection.  So, needless to say, I was burned out before the week even began.  One day, I took them straight from the gym daycare to the Ikea daycare just to get a break.  Which by the way, it was worth potty training Von just so I can drop him off at the Ikea daycare.  I see lots of meatballs in my future.  Here is Addi entertaining herself practicing her "planking."
We had one 80 degree day, so we hit up the pool.  We also hit up just about every park in PQ and the tennis court.  Addi is surprisingly good at tennis, probably from all of the Wii she has been playing.  We are going to sign her up for tennis lessons this spring and she is excited.
On Friday, we went out to Poway Lake to feed the ducks and hike around.  Von could have hiked forever.  Every time my pregnant whining self wanted to take the route back to the car, he refused.  And too tired to fight him, we just kept going and going.
Saturday, we went with Ian to the zoo.  We spent a couple of hours there and then went to Phil's BBQ for lunch.  Best BBQ I have ever had.  Hands down.  There will be many trips back.
And then after Phil's we went down to Belmont Park at Mission Beach.  The kids went on a few rides and played in the sand.  It was a great day.  It had been a long time since we had spent a whole day together as a family just having fun.
And then there is today.  Things are back to normal.  Von and I are back to our regular gym/umizoomi/nap routine while Addi is at school and it is so nice.  It was raining when we had to get Addi from school and the kids just can't resist the puddles.  I think it is time to invest in a new pair of boot for Von.  He has outgrown his and always ends up like this every time it rains.  I heart instagram, by the way.  It is rare that I have my camera with me to capture all of these moments, so it is so nice to be able to take and edit my photos on my phone.  The iPhone really is the greatest thing ever invented.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Family Pics 2012

Pictures by  Sorry it's a lot...

Monday, February 6, 2012


Friday night we put the kids to bed as usual and shortly after, Addi came out complaining of her head itching.  We dismissed it and told her to go back to bed.  A few minutes later, she came out again, this time crying about her head, so we told her to go ahead and get in the shower.  While she was in the shower, I just happened to check my e-mail and found an e-mail from her teacher saying there had been a lice outbreak in her class.  Ugh.  So I checked her scalp, and sure enough you could see the little bugs all over her hairline.
Ian ran right to Albertson's and bought lice shampoo.  Luckily, it is a pretty easy process.  You just have to apply the shampoo once and let it sit for 10 minutes.  The hard part then, was combing all of the lice out of her hair with a tiny comb.  And if you remember, my kids somehow have a TON of hair.  It took a whole half hour just to comb through her entire head.  Then the laundry have to wash everything.  And Addi just so happens to sleep with 20+ stuffed animals.  And then we had to deep clean her room.  Needless to say these little bugs cause a lot of work.  Yesterday, as I was cleaning her room Addi surprised me with this...
Isn't it so sweet?  I cried.  I'm not quite sure what the last sentence means, but I'm sure in Addi's mind it meant something great.  So, if there is anything good that came out of this situations is that Addi was able to appreciate all that we had done for her this weekend.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Just when we think our kids are out of control...

They surprise us.

Monday, after a 5:30 am wake up of two crazy kids who are incapable of being quiet in the mornings, Ian and I were on the verge of crazy.  So that night, we took the kids to Chick-fil-a so they could play in their genius, almost sound proof play area.  The kids played and ate their kids meals and while they were eating, their was a little girl with her family at the table next to us.

The little girl asked her parents, "where is my toy from my kids meal?"

And her parents replied, "we didn't get a kids meal today, sorry."

Skip to Addi seconds later, staring at this girl and her family.  I asked her, "What are you doing?"

And she said to me, "I'm thinking about giving that girl my toy instead of trading it in for an ice cream (did you know you can do that at CFA, another reason why it is awesome)."

And I said, "You should."

So she walked her toy over to the little girl and said, "You can have mine."  It made her day.  Mine too.  I'm so glad our little girl is willing to put someone else's happiness above her own.

Then as I type, Addi is in our living room dusting!  A few minutes ago, she asked me for a wash cloth.  Not knowing or really caring why, I went and got her one.  She got it damp and started dusting away.  Our house really did need dusting and I am so glad, I no longer have to do it.  Although, I am cringing every time I hear her bang one of my Martha Stewart cake plates on something or my vintage milk glass dishes.  I'm just crossing my fingers nothing ends up broken.  On another note.  I have officially began nesting.  I have dug out 19 large tupperware containers from our garage full of baby/kid clothes and have began sorting and organizing.  Who knew two kids could accumulate so much stuff.  And I'm sure there are more containers hidden that I haven't found yet.  All I know, is that I am so excited to rid our garage of some of this stuff.  It seriously makes me claustrophobic.