Friday, October 31, 2008

Survival Test

On Monday, at swim Addi had her first survival test. She was fully clothed with shoes and thrown in the pool by Scott with no warning. It may sound awful, and she was a little traumatized, but in real life, you never know when a pool accident may happen, clothed or not. She did really well, but cried the entire lesson because of the new experience. Her biggest problem is once she gets herself to the side of the pool, she has a hard time flipping her body over to grab onto the side. She just lays there waiting for Scott to help her. Side note...this little girl is going to be trouble as a teenager. When I uploaded the pictures and videos of her this morning, she saw the picture of her and Scott and told me, "Mom, Scott's my boyfriend." Where she even learned the word boyfriend, I have no idea.

Trunk or Treat

Here are a few pictures of our ward's Trunk or Treat.

Addi & Jonas

We made the mistake of parking next to the Mason's. Their trunk was decked out. Ours, not so much. Addi was fascinated by their decor.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Preview

May the force be with you...

Last Saturday, we went down to Lego Land to hang out with Jaime, Dan and Luke. Despite Ian still recovering from the flu, Addi throwing up all of her juice just as we got to the exit in Carlsbad and me being seven months pregnant, we had a good day.

We dressed the kids up in their Halloween costumes so they could trick or treat. Addi was Princess Leia and Luke was Darth Vader. We watched the original Star Wars the night before, so Addi would know who she was dressing up as. She was excited to fight the big Darth Vader and hang out with the lego R2D2.

Once we got home, Addi refused to take her costume off or let me take out her hair.

Happy Birthday Brooke!

Brooke turned 20 last week and we celebrated by going bowling at Lucky Strike. For being pregnant, I must brag about myself. I bowled a 127 the first game, beating everyone on our side of the lane. Whenever anyone has a birthday, Addi thinks that it is hers. It is going to be a sad day when she realizes that it is not.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Swimming Update

Addi is in her 5th week of swimming and doing so well. She definitely has a little crush on her instructor, Scott. She stopped crying during her 4th lesson and looks forward to it now. Here is a video of today's lesson, we are so proud of her!

Friday, October 3, 2008

What happens in Vegas...

We're back from sin city very sleep deprived (thanks to one miss heidi) but all in one piece. Jaime and I drove out together and met Heidi there. The shopping began before we had even arrived. We stayed up late (3 am late on more than one night), slept in and ate A LOT! It was my weekend of gluttony as I take my diabetes test today. We made our way down to the lazy river, layed out, read Us Weekly, snacked and talked. Our first night there we met up with an old roomate, Kara and ate at the Cheesecake Factory. After a very lengthy dinner, we walked through the Forum Shops at Ceasar's Palace and attempted to buy gelato but then found out it was $10 dollars. $10 for a tiny bowl of ice cream? Heidi's double scoop would have set her back $16. Highlights included Heidi attempting to wear a coat made of HUMAN HAIR at Dolce & Gabana and Jaime attempting to take a picture of her in it until the guard kindly asked us to leave, Heidi running in every store to look at purses that she could "get us for cheap from China," and us browsing at Tiffany's, trying on gigantic rings. The next day we shopped at H & M and then headed to the Bellagio where we ran into one of my favorite people, Jamie Morgan. She was there for a teacher's conference with her new hubby. I was so excited I screamed when I saw her. The rest of the trip included more shopping, laying out and eating. It was the best. It will be my last excursion kid-less for a while, and although I felt guilty leaving Addi again, it was much needed and enjoyed.

Good Things Utah

Our dresses were featured on Good Things Utah yesterday. After the show we got a phone call from someone from the Disney Channel who wanted the Canary dress overnighted to her to use in a photo shoot today for Wondertime magazine in November. It goes out to 650,000 subscribers. We were so thrilled. Thanks to Kelly who had our only Canary dress and had to run to Fedex for us as we are still waiting for our dresses from the manufacturer.