Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Day of School

I can't believe we have a first grader!   She is looking so grown up.  This silver head band is her latest obsession.  She has to wear it everyday.
Von of course couldn't be left out of the picture taking.
I am so happy to have her back in school.  Having a new baby has been really hard on Von.  He has been really emotional and angry ever since the baby was born and it didn't help having Addi home all day with him to fight with and antagonize him.  Yesterday I felt like I had the old Bubba back...until we pick Addi up from school and then it all went down hill.  Ian keeps telling me it's a phase, hopefully one we will be out of soon!

Meeting Baby Leo and the End of Summer

When Addi was a baby, out of laziness, we would shower her rather than bathing her.  It became a habit and continued on with Von and now with London.  When she is really colicky, the second we walk into the bathroom with her, she stops crying, and is so content during her shower.  The other night, she screamed from 8 until about 1 am, she ended up finally falling asleep in Ian's arms in the shower.
Ian's sister, Chelcie had a little boy on August 15th.  Ian just happened to be working up there that week, so we all tagged along to meet him.  He is so cute and tiny.  It's hard to believe that London was that small not too long ago.
Little Leo and London.  She kept trying to eat his head while we were taking pictures.
Taking a nap outside while Addi and Von swam.
Addi's last day of summer was spent at the pool.  The kids thought they were funny with their Nerf balls.  Addi told me, "Mom, take a picture and put it on Facebook!"  No thanks, but will post it on here!

Nana & Papa H. come to visit...

The day after we went to Tom's Farm, my parents drove into town.  We ended up staying in Orange County for most of the week and then headed down to San Diego for their last few days there.  We kept the kids busy, hitting up the wetlands, the beach, the pool on most days and even Knott's Berry Farm.  We went to Knott's with Ian's family.  Ian won these Domo dolls for all of the kids thanks to his mad basketball skills.  
 It was so hot the day we went.  Luckily, London was content in her shaded stroller most of the day.
Von starting to have second thoughts...
This ride was more up his alley.
On Saturday, we headed up to Julian.  It's a little apple town up in the mountains.  
Typical Von...
Then on Sunday, we went to the Mormon Battalion Museum and had some fabulous Mexican food in Old town.  I wish I had more pictures of the week, but my hands are usually full now, and it's harder to get my camera/phone out!

Tom's Farm

On August 4th, we met up with Ian's Grandma Flo, parents and Shandra and Brooke and their kids at Tom's farms.  It was the first time all six cousins were together.  Surprisingly the five kids sat still for a pic...
until we added London, and then things got a little crazy.  From the left, Betsy (15 months), Addison (6.5), London (5 weeks), Von (3.5), Tristan (3.5), and Joaquin (2).
Shooting some guns with Dad.
Concentrating so hard on digging.
We saw a magic show there and Addi got called up to help with a trick.
Of course London slept through the whole outing.
Von and Grandma Flo riding the carousel together.
Addi and Daddy.

One week old...

I had my friend Jaime take some pics of our little London.  She was perfect throughout the whole shoot.  And so pretty...

London's First Month

Life with three kids was a big change.  Luckily, Ian was able to spend the first week home from the hospital with me, entertaining Von and Addi.  And then the second week, we shipped the kids up to Ian's parents house.
The first few weeks, this is the only place she wanted to sleep.  She would sleep there for hours.  Some nights it was the only way I got any sleep.  Now that she is bigger, she doesn't quite fit like she used to, and luckily will sleep in her crib.
She looks just like Addi did as a baby.  Addi loves hearing everyone tell her that, because it is usually followed with something like, "she is so beautiful."  Or, "She is so cute!"  
After the kids spent a week at Ian's parents, we drove up to get them.  Our good friends, Kelly and Jason, had a baby boy exactly one week before we had London.  Little Liam is so cute.  
These two are going to be trouble makers together someday.
Overall, she is sleeping really well for just 7 weeks old.  This picture was taken on a not so good night, where she didn't go down for the night until 4 am.  Lately, she has been going down in between 10 and 11 pm and then just getting up once around 3 or 4 am to eat and then goes back down until 6 or 7 am, which is fine because now that school has started, we all have to be up in between 6 and 7 am.  A couple nights a week, however, she gets colicky and will cry from about 8 pm until midnight or later.  Which is not fun for anyone. 
So pretty.

So right before she was born, we found out Addi had 4 really bad cavities.  So, we were able to take care of two of them before she was born, and then had to go back two more times after she was born to have them finished.  I have to say, Addi was a champ.  I thought for sure they would have to gas her, but Dr. Matt managed to keep her calm enough to do all of them with out any.  I don't know how he did it, he is amazing.  She had no anxiety, having to go back to the office four different times, and acted like it was no big deal.  She ended up having two pulpotomys (sp?) which took about an hour and a half each time.  She managed to be a character even while having objects in her mouth.  Dr. Matt came out after one of the appointments and said, "She thinks we are BFFs, she's hilarious."  I would send her in with her ipod and headphones and she would chat him up about all of her games and apps.  We were so pleased.  However, after paying for all of it, I hope we never have to go through that again!  Apparently, good dentists don't come cheap!
Once I was on my own with all three kids, I did my best to get out everyday, whether to the park or pool or movies.  London always slept through every outing.  This picture was at a windy trip to the park.
August 6th.  One month old.  She is so sweet.