Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meeting Baby Leo and the End of Summer

When Addi was a baby, out of laziness, we would shower her rather than bathing her.  It became a habit and continued on with Von and now with London.  When she is really colicky, the second we walk into the bathroom with her, she stops crying, and is so content during her shower.  The other night, she screamed from 8 until about 1 am, she ended up finally falling asleep in Ian's arms in the shower.
Ian's sister, Chelcie had a little boy on August 15th.  Ian just happened to be working up there that week, so we all tagged along to meet him.  He is so cute and tiny.  It's hard to believe that London was that small not too long ago.
Little Leo and London.  She kept trying to eat his head while we were taking pictures.
Taking a nap outside while Addi and Von swam.
Addi's last day of summer was spent at the pool.  The kids thought they were funny with their Nerf balls.  Addi told me, "Mom, take a picture and put it on Facebook!"  No thanks, but will post it on here!

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jenn (+ will) said...

oh man. i love all the photos of your kids!!!!