Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tom's Farm

On August 4th, we met up with Ian's Grandma Flo, parents and Shandra and Brooke and their kids at Tom's farms.  It was the first time all six cousins were together.  Surprisingly the five kids sat still for a pic...
until we added London, and then things got a little crazy.  From the left, Betsy (15 months), Addison (6.5), London (5 weeks), Von (3.5), Tristan (3.5), and Joaquin (2).
Shooting some guns with Dad.
Concentrating so hard on digging.
We saw a magic show there and Addi got called up to help with a trick.
Of course London slept through the whole outing.
Von and Grandma Flo riding the carousel together.
Addi and Daddy.

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