Thursday, November 20, 2008

For Addi's birthday, (which isn't for another couple of weeks) we had an early party since my due date is so close to her birthday. It was a Western theme, everyone dressed up and Matt barbecued his famous tri-tip.  It was a lot of fun for Addi, she of course, loved being the center of attention and was so excited with all of her fun gifts.  
We had it at Ian's parent's house. The plan was for me to go over about noon to help set up and have Ian put Addi down for a nap, so she would be well rested. He put her down, and after about a half an hour of listening through the monitor to her sing and kick at her crib, he finally went into her room and asked her why she wasn't sleeping. She said, "Dad, I'm too excited."
Family Picture. I had to wear one of Ian's shirts because, it was the only thing that would button over my belly.
The treasure hunt.

Jazz Game

For Papa's birthday, Bret got tickets to the Jazz game 3 rows from the floor. Nana and Papa are HUGE Jazz fans, and had never been to a game. They even arranged for the Bear to come see them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I officially went on maternity leave on the 6th. My client was so sad, I had no idea after working with him for almost four years, he actually liked me, as he most commonly refers to me as a "wicked old witch" and has been known to swear at me on occasion. However, I have not yet had time to slow down. The next day we hopped on a plane to Utah for a couple of days to celebrate Ian's grandpa's 87th birthday, and last week I was busy preparing for a birthday party for Addi that we had last weekend (pictures to come). It has been fabulous to just be at home, even though I have been nesting non-stop. I have completely turned my house upside down, trying to make room for the baby, making several trips to Goodwill and throwing away a bunch of junk. Today, I made a trip to LA to get bids on some dresses and also went to the grocery store twice, due to the fact that I forgot my wallet the first trip. I have 4 1/2 weeks until my due date, which hopefully means I will deliver in about 3 weeks. That is my plan, anyways. We go up to the cabin next week for Thanksgiving, I just hope I don't go into labor while we are so far away from the hospital. We will see...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Help Baby Mia!

I received an e-mail from an old Ricks College e-mail last week that broke my heart. A couple that we went to school with have a baby girl who is suffering from a severe congenital heart defect. She has been in the hospital since birth and just received a heart transplant this week. To help out with medical bills, my friend Jayna is organizing a "Have a Heart for Baby Mia" charity event and is asking for new and used craft or baby products to be donated to be sold at an event in early December. Things you make, stuff you are not using anymore....nice new or used baby and kid clothing, quilts, baby items, shoes, home decor, binky clips...whatever baby/kid things you can scrounge up! I know you guys can do well each in your own area! She would like things shipped before Nov. 26th so you can get the products to me and I can ship them or you can ship them directly to her (e-mail me for her address). Any help would be much appreciated. For more info on Mia, check out It is a tear jerker. I hope to hope to hear from many of you soon!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I bought this outfit a couple of years ago at Babystyle on clearance. So when Halloween finally rolled around, and after having Addi dress up as Princess Leia twice already, I let her pick what she wanted to wear, and obviously, she chose the bird. And we just happened to have an Easter basket from last year that matched perfectly. It was so hot, however, as last week was still in the 80s. When is fall going to get here? Seriously. I am ready to not be so hot.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Week of Firsts

On Wednesday, we ended up at the dentist office for an impromptu dentist appointment for Addi. I had originally scheduled her for a Saturday in January, thinking Ian would take her and deal with her being wiggly in the chair. That was my plan, but when they said that they had an opening right then, I decided to just get it over with. They had her lay on top of me, which worked great for her, she sat completely still while the hygienist polished her teeth. However, it was not so good for me. After a few minutes, I got really light headed, start sweating grossly and was unable to get up for the better part of ten minutes. When the dizziness did not go away, the hygienist decided that I was unfit to drive, so I had to call Marsha to come and pick us up. I don't know if Addi's weight cut off all the blood to my head or maybe my blood sugar just got to low. I called the doctor and apparently it is normal for that to happen in pregnancy, so I guess I'm okay. The good news is, is that Addi's teeth look good. She has one three year molar and no cavities.
Then, on Friday Addi had her hair cut for the very first time by Ian's sister, Chelcie who does hair at a salon in Fountain Valley. Here is the before picture that I took before we went to the salon.

Addi happily getting her hair cut.

For those of you that know Addi, you know that she never sits still. Ever. She shocked us all when she let Chelcie round brush and curl her hair after it was cut.

The final product

Addi and her stylist

Addi's last first for the week was her first play session with Von. The picture explains it all...

Addi is growing up so fast. These last few months have been so great with her. Gone are the days of hitting and spitting and going to timeout several times a day. Let's hope that things don't change when the baby comes.