Monday, February 6, 2012


Friday night we put the kids to bed as usual and shortly after, Addi came out complaining of her head itching.  We dismissed it and told her to go back to bed.  A few minutes later, she came out again, this time crying about her head, so we told her to go ahead and get in the shower.  While she was in the shower, I just happened to check my e-mail and found an e-mail from her teacher saying there had been a lice outbreak in her class.  Ugh.  So I checked her scalp, and sure enough you could see the little bugs all over her hairline.
Ian ran right to Albertson's and bought lice shampoo.  Luckily, it is a pretty easy process.  You just have to apply the shampoo once and let it sit for 10 minutes.  The hard part then, was combing all of the lice out of her hair with a tiny comb.  And if you remember, my kids somehow have a TON of hair.  It took a whole half hour just to comb through her entire head.  Then the laundry have to wash everything.  And Addi just so happens to sleep with 20+ stuffed animals.  And then we had to deep clean her room.  Needless to say these little bugs cause a lot of work.  Yesterday, as I was cleaning her room Addi surprised me with this...
Isn't it so sweet?  I cried.  I'm not quite sure what the last sentence means, but I'm sure in Addi's mind it meant something great.  So, if there is anything good that came out of this situations is that Addi was able to appreciate all that we had done for her this weekend.


jayna said...

Man, my girls never wrote me a sweet note after delousing their heads! :)

linxiao said...

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