Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten!

So because I had made all of our travel arrangements to Washington before I knew we were moving, Addi ended up missing her whole first week of kindergarten.  I tried to change the tickets, but it would have cost me an extra $600!  So, oh well, right?  I figured Addi wouldn't know the difference.  So we flew in at eight o'clock at night to Long Beach (a two hour drive from San Diego).  It was already going to be a long day and Addi was scheduled to be at school at 8 am the next morning.  While I was gone my brother, who we won't name, took my car to San Francisco while I was in Washington (I'm the best sister ever, right?). Well, he's not exactly known for being on time and he was running 2+ hours late to pick me up from the airport.  So a late night turned into an even later night.  We got home at 12:30 am.  So these pictures were taken after little sleep.  Here are the bloopers...

 I love them though, it totally shows her crazy personality.  In having a conversation with Katie once about Addison's craziness and the possibility of having ADD or ADHD, she bluntly said, "How else would you explain her behavior?!"  We love her nonetheless.  Of the 20+ pictures I took, there were some keepers.  It's a good thing I have a fast shutter speed on my camera!

Ian and I took her to school early on her first day to meet her teacher, Mrs. Tebbetts.  
 Luckily, Addi loves school and was so excited.
 Finding her cubby.
Our big Kindergartener!  After she finished her second day of I asked her, "Have you made any friends?" To which she replied, "Oh Mom, I have tons of friends already!"  Ironically, none of which she could remember their names :)


Shandra said...

This post makes me want to cry a little. Your sweet little Addie is already in Kindergarten! You are right, she is so excited about life and so happy. And she will probably be the most popular girl in class with the most friends, no doubt.

jayna said...

I love her sassiness and her cute hair!! She's a keeper for sure!