Sunday, September 18, 2011

Padre Game

We went to the Padre game last night with the kids. It was free t-shirt night, the kids insisted on wearing theirs. The were a bit big :)

We only lasted until the third inning. Von kept yelling, "when is it time to go?!!!" Addi enjoyed it, especially the cotton candy.

Love this picture.


Christy said...

When Gabe and I were dating he would drag me to numerous Padre games. I used to resist it....but now - I would LOVE to take my kids! We would grab a pizza from Ciros and I have so many good greasy memories!!!! Makes me miss california!!!! *Sniffle*

Chelcie said...

Haha this picture shows their personalities perfectly!! They're 2 crazy kids! Love them <3

Shandra said...

Next time you're downtown, stop in at Basic Pizza, right across the street from the stadium. Wait, didn't we eat there once when you and Addi were in town? I think we did! I miss downtown. Love those pictures of your crazy cute kids.