Monday, March 26, 2012

Addi's First Tennis Lesson

Addi decided to take a break from soccer for a little while and give tennis a try. She has been really into Wii tennis and going to our tennis court in our complex lately, so I knew she would like it.  Aside from her non-stop chatter on the court and she did really well.  She is so funny (maybe not to others though), giving commentary to everything happening on the court.  We had to have a talk with her after the lesson about how tennis is a quiet sport and it is impolite to talk while other people are trying to hit the ball.  The coach made several comments about her "enthusiasm," and how she was "so spirited," and needed "to be an actress."  We have our hands full with this one.    

Here's a shot of her.  Both balls she hit were in, I was so impressed.  Please ignore my obnoxious voice.  


Shandra said...

I'm so proud of that girl!

kori said...

I love addi. She totally has a special place in my heart. Miss her

Harla Gunth said...

Haha, that voice is fine. I know you are proud of her. I hope she gets a real and cool tennis career someday. :)

-Harla Gunth