Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jamie's Wedding

Last weekend, we drove to Utah for my good friend Jamie Morgan's wedding. We stayed in Mesquite on the way there and back to catch some rays and give Addi (and us) a break from the car. It was a quick trip. We were in Utah for less than 48 hours, but well worth it. I was so glad to be there on Jamie's big day. We were able to go to the rehearsal dinner the night before, the temple and then the reception. It was a beautiful outdoor reception with a very beautiful bride. Here are a few pictures from the busy weekend.
Addi's new favorite toy.

Jamie Morgan, Jamie Jamie Morgan...one of my favorite people.

The new Mr. & Mrs. Travis Ault

Lindsay and Marissa. Note to self...don't stand next to two girls that weigh 100 pounds when pregnant.

My hubby and I


Shandra and Christian said...

Where did you get that cute shirt! Love it.

Diana & CJ said...

Ian & you are so cute together. I love your shoes too by the way. looks like fun.

jayna said...

I love it that you always take pictures of yourself...it seems like I am always missing in my family's photos!

megan&steve said...

Congrats to Jamie! Less than 48 hours in Utah, sounds like a lot of time in the car. I'm sure she loved having you there. P.s. you weigh 100 lbs and are pregnant just like your 2 cute friends.