Wednesday, May 12, 2010

School Things

Addi's school had an open house for all of the parents to come as see what they've been working on.
She was so proud of all of her art projects. We are still working on how to spell her name.
Having fun on the playground with friends.
Then, last week before Mother's Day, I went to "Mom and Me" day and spent an hour just with her. It is so interesting to see her in her environment. She is so active, rushes through anything that involves sitting, and loves to interact with the other kids. This painting she did was a mess of brown and green thrown onto the page. When I asked her what it was, she replied quickly, "a dinosaur foot." Duh.
"Mom and Me"


The Wright People said...

She's so cute! She needs to stop growing up so fast. It's too weird! Love her :)

Scott and Chelsey said...

She is just so darling!

jayna said...

Look at you two blondies- so cute!