Thursday, August 19, 2010


I can't believe that summer is coming to an end. Finally the weather has warmed up and school is about to start. I think I am more excited about it than Addi. It cannot start soon enough. We did manage to squeeze in a couple of beach days amongst the clouds and 60 degree temperatures we have been having.
This was Von's first beach day since he has been able to walk. He was a little terrified of the waves.
It was actually really cold this day. I hid underneath beach towels the entire time we were there and was still cold. It was in the middle of nap time, so Von snuggled up to Ian to take a little rest.
We were their with the Blad's and Ebmeyer's. The kids (and dads) worked hard on their castle.
Another day we went down to Corona Del Mar to the tide pools with Kori, Lori, Brooke and their kids.
Addi girl. Can I please have her abs?
I love how Von tries so hard to be with the big kids. He just doesn't quite make it.
The older kids were able to maneuver around the rocks really well. Von, not so much. And he did NOT want me to help him.
Once again, just a few steps behind.
And then last Saturday, Ian had to "work," and I got to go with him. We headed out to Catalina on an 82 foot yacht for lunch.
The boat is pretty amazing. We went with a group of doctors and their wives and a few people Ian works with.
Ian and I recovering from a good meal on the top deck.


Carrie Hellewell said...

It makes me miss Orange County so bad! You're kids are too cute!

Shandra said...

Bubba is so brave! Waves are so scary for little kids. And walking across the reef all by himself? Way to go little man.