Monday, September 13, 2010

First day of school

Addi started he second year of preschool today. Finally. She has been looking forward to it all summer and so have I! When we got to school, I asked her to sit on the bench so I could take a picture. This girl knows how to pose.
One more year until Kindergarten. She is just a week too young to go this year which is a blessing and a curse. It would be awesome to have her in school all day, five days a week, but I know she will be even more prepared after this year. She makes friends so easily, but sitting still is much of a challenge. Within five minutes of being there, she had a new friend named Max who she was paling around with. I also signed her up for a gymnastics class that starts this week in an effort to wear this girl out!


jayna said...

Love those pics! She's such a model!

Shandra said...

She's growing so fast! I LOVE her pose on the bench. Such a ham, that girl.