Thursday, July 21, 2011


I haven't taken my camera out since we moved, but here are some pics from my phone.
Lazy pool day with Choobie. It's been so nice having Jaime and her family so close!
Sealife Aquarium with the kids today
We been trying to go up to Legoland once a week or so. It's nice they have three different parks up there with the aquarium and water park.
Bubba. The kids are such troopers these days. Lately, when we have been going to Legoland, just the three of us, I have not been taking a stroller. So, by the time we leave, they have each walked around the whole park with their little legs. They are so tired by the time we are done. And they actually stay by me AND hold my hand most of the time (which both of them usually hate to do).
I was telling Ian the other day that our lives revolve around legos. Legoland, Lego video games, and actual Legos. This one in particular, the kids refer to as "Papa H," aka my dad, which gets fought over it seems like daily. I often hear them yelling at each other, "I want Papa H!" "No, I want Papa H!" It's pretty funny. Whenever anything needs fixing around our house, Addi always says, "Papa H needs to come visit so he can fix that." He is our handyman every time they make a trip out. Can't you see the resemblance?


jayna said...

Love the lego Papa - that is so funny!

Chelcie said...

Ha ha bubba looks so cute on top of those two.. always trying to do what they're doing! All your dishes look deeeeelish. :)