Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Month of May

May was a month of amusement parks.  We started out the month at Legoland with the Jacob's family.  The kids of course loved it and everyone had a great time.
It's great to see these kids together.  They only see each other maybe a couple of times a year, but they always pick up right where they left off.
 Then a few weeks later, Ian took a couple of days off and we went up to Disneyland.
We met up with one of Ian's old roommates, Andy, and his family who just happened to be in town to go to Disneyland as well.
 Von on Tom Sawyer's island.
 Addi wishing all of this money was real.
 Addi and the fox from Robin Hood (I think?)
Von was finally tall enough for splash mountain.  Addi chickened out, so it was just him and Ian.  And he was placed in the very front of the boat.  He was SOAKED, but loved it.
We had to park in the lot behind the Disneyland Hotel that did not have a tram.  This nice guy gave us a ride back to the car after me and my large pregnant belly politely asked.
That same weekend, we hit up the Wild Animal Park.  Addi's favorite animals are always the birds.
Von, not so much.
On the tram.  This is Von's typical face these days, accompanied by usually some sort of obnoxious noise.  I think he thinks he is funny.
Later that week, Von and I went back to the Wild Animal Park with Addi's class.  Doesn't he look like a kindergartener?
 Poor Addi fell flat on her face when she tried to land this jump.
Von and I split up from her class after a while, and went on the tram by ourselves.  I love this picture.  His eyelashes are so long.  
On Memorial Day, we hit up the Legoland Waterpark for one last time.  Our passes expired recently, and we aren't going to renew them for a while.
The kids had so much fun and the weather was perfect.  Did I mention I was really pregnant during all of these trips?  I have less than a handful of weeks left to go and am so ready!


jayna said...

Let's see that belly!!

Looks like your May was super busy too!

What are you naming your new little miss??

Hilarry said...

That picture of Addi and the girls on her class is why I love her! Sassy!!!

jenn (+ will) said...

what the heck?! how did you do all that when you are so preggo? what a great mama :)