Monday, March 24, 2008

After the aquarium, we headed up to the mountains to be with Ian's family for Easter. We introduced Addi to the Wii, she is soon to be pro at tennis. I am a very proud mom. She also learned how to "milk" an injury for all that it is worth. While at the aquarium, she fell, hurting the top of her foot. She "limped" around all weekend when she learned that she was getting extra attention. Here is a little video of her. Still today, when she was at Ian's mom's house she was pretending to limp. It's hilarious, although I hope that there is no real injury.

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Shandra and Christian said...

This video cracks me up. I bet she is loving the attention. And the picture of her on the Wii is too cute. She looks so tiny next to that big screen. It looks like you guys had a fun Easter. Wish we were there!