Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter!

We went up to Lake Arrowhead for Easter last weekend. It was nice and relaxing, I actually got to take a nap (one of the highlights for me).
Chelcie helped Addi dye eggs.
She was so proud.
Addi got her first massage from her Aunt Brookie. We love Brook's hands! She is amazing. When she is done with school, you must all experience one of her massages.
Von turned four months old on Easter. He is such a strong boy, Ian propped him up in this picture, but he is able to stand well on his own. He had his four month appointment on Friday. He was 15 pounds 12 ounces, in the 70th percentile for weight and 25 inches long, the 80th percentile for height. He is going to be a basketball player.
Our pretty girl.
Addi loves her brother. She is so sweet to him, she makes him laugh and is always very attentive to him.
Mommy's boy. His hair is out of control. I have been thinking about cutting it. It is just hard to make the first cut. We didn't cut Addi's hair until she was almost three. I vow not to go quite as long with Von.
Addi's Easter egg hunt. She was excited about her pennies and M & M's. It will be fun someday when Von can join her on the hunt.


Shandra and Christian said...

Each one of these pictures made me smile. I'm obsessed with Addi's Easter dress. I can't wait to have a little girl to get your dresses. Von's hair is awesome!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures, my lady! Von's hair is so ridiculous. I am beyond jealous. He's only 4 months and it's so freaking long. You know, if Amy were around she would talk you into letting her cut it. She's very persuasive like that. Anyway, you look fab! I'm wondering why you don't have Addison model more. Is it just cause she's not in UT or is she just not cooperative? You should do it more cause she is so gorgeous!

Di said...

The easter outfits are so cute. You always make Von look so handsome. Thanks for the announcement, it's amazing of course. Call me some time we need to chat. I want to hear more about your pops & I want to tell you about a new work from home thing I leanred about & am planning on doing once my tax return comes back.

Kelly deVilliers said...

Looks like such a fun weekend! Here's our new blog address so you can update -