Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trip to Washington

We just got back last night from a trip to my hometown, Camano Island, WA. We went back to enjoy all the things that make summer at my parents house great-lots of crab, boating, waterskiing, and Ian's favorite, my ten year high school reunion. Addi was in heaven. Because the sun rises on their side of the island, Addi was always up EARLY. At around 6 am, my dad would take her out in the boat to go check the crab pots and bring in the keepers. We spent a lot of time with my grandparents, Addi especially. She would wander back and forth between my parents and grandparents house all day. My grandparents were amazed by her energy. She goes all day, non-stop. She spent time on the four-wheeler with my grandpa, loved riding in the boat and went fishing for dog fish (aka baby sharks) with my dad with poles that my dad made expecially for her.
Bubba crawling around.
I hadn't skiied since I was pregnant with Addi and I hadn't slalom skiied in almost ten years. I was so scared. Ian said that when I successfully dropped one ski, he could see me from the boat let out a huge sigh. I did it and did not even get my hair wet. However, I was shaking by the time I was done and so sore the next day.
Addi and Papa H checking the crab pots.
Ian and I before the reunion. It was a lot of fun to see everyone, I think Ian even had a good time.
I met Stevi in the second grade when she moved to the island. We were friends all the way through high school. It was fun to see where everyone has ended up and to see who has and hadn't changed a bit.
Going out for our last boat ride.
Ian is a city boy and is always frightened of all of the vehicles and contraptions that my dad and grandpa have around. He turns a little more country every trip up there.
Addi and I.
Addi driving the boat.

My grandma loves Ian.


Shandra and Christian said...

Alisa, you look SMOKIN' hot at your reunion. I'm sure everyone was blown away. Looked like such a fun trip.

Di said...

Again, so fun.

Richelle said...

i second what shandra said, smokin hot. love your outfit, hair, you are beautiful! and how fun was your washington trip! looks like you had a great time.

megan&steve said...

You guys look great before the big reunion!
Washington looked like a great get away.