Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9 Months and 3 Years 9 Months

Von turned 9 months last weekend. He is finally crawling and loves to eat real food. He still has no teeth, but his hair grows like weeds. He just had his 4th haircut. At his 9 month appointment today he was 22 pounds and 2 ounces and 30 and 1/4 inches long. Which makes him in the 95 percentile for height and 75 percentile for weight.

Yes, she is wearing a swim cap (nerdy, I know, but she loves it) and yes, she is a great swimmer. I think she can hold her breath longer than I can. Seriously.


jenn said...

wow that is awesome that addi is swimming! and von, such a cutie!

Shandra and Christian said...

Wowzers! Von has had 4 hair cuts and Addi is jumping off the rocks! I miss those little guys.

Di said...

those lessons are really paying off. And Von well, how can you not love that kid. He is soo chubby & so cute. Can I just nibble on one of his cheeks?

The Prigmore Family said...

ADDI!!! Lets take her to Waimea and have her jump off the rock. She's totally ready. Love her.

Bubba is a stud too. Miss you guys.

Rebecca D. said...

how fun to see them growing hair and wearing swim caps!