Monday, December 7, 2009


We celebrated the kid's birthdays this weekend.  On Saturday, we went to Goat Hill and went on the train and took part in some of their Christmas activities with Ian's family and Addi's friend Jonas.  And then, on Sunday, we had everyone over for some Cafe Rio pork tacos and cake.
Addi on the train with Daddy.
Would you like some cookie with those sprinkles?
The birthday girl.
Bubba was totally into his ball popper.
I attempted to make a train cake to go with the train theme from Saturday.  
Addi will be four on Wednesday.  She is growing up so fast and has so much sass.  She is a handful (or about 8 handfuls) but we love her!
He was a little unsure about the cake.
Still unsure.
Not unsure anymore!


Di said...

Happy Birthday to your two very cute kiddos.

megan&steve said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! Alisa gets the mommy award for awesome looking cake.

jenn king said...

i can't believe you made that cake! you are amazing!

Jennifer said...

I love how you said you "attempted" to make a train cake, like that cake isn't freaking awesome. You know it is.

Anyway, I can't believe Addi turned 4 today, it's just barely past midnight. AND that Mr. Von will be 1 on Saturday. Nuts-o! Where has the time gone?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ADDI & VON! They are so ridiculously beautiful I want to show off pictures of them on my blog, but that would probably come off as stalkerish. I don't even know them very well face-to-face, but this blog helps me. I love them! I love you too, my sweet Hei(t)mann! That sounds so much more perverse if you say it out loud the way I mean to pronounce it.

Anyway, sounds like an awesome party!

Shandra and Christian said...

This post made me smile. I just love Bubba's expressions in all the pictures. Happy birthday little ones!

And that cake?? amazing. good job!