Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Palm Desert Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving, we met up with Katie, Cameron and the kids in Palm Desert. It was a great trip. The weather was in to 80s, the food was amazing and the shopping was crazy.
We ate Thanksgiving "dinner" at the JW Marriot. We had reservations at 11 am, so our buffet included everything from the traditional Thanksgiving fixings, to a crepe bar, omelet bar, sushi, crab legs and shrimp, the best ham I have ever had in my life, countless desserts and fondue, and a station where the kids could decorate their own cookies to name a few. It was a great way to spend the morning. And the best part about it-no dishes. We did miss having leftovers, but it was nice to change it up.
At the Marriot, they had exotic birds, flamingos and gondola rides. It was a great way to end our meal.
The whole group. After, we started our Black Friday shopping. Old Navy was open, so we headed over to see the deals. That night, Katie and I went to the outlets, they opened at 10. There were insane amounts of people there, it took us a half an hour just to park. But it was a good time and we did get some good deals. We didn't get home until 2 am, which is better that leaving at 3 am, which is what we usually do when we are together with them for Thanksgiving.
So cute of McKinley.
Trying to get a picture of the three of them all behaving themselves=almost impossible. You have no idea how many pictures I have of them in front of this tree.

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Shandra and Christian said...

You black friday nuts! Shopping until 2am? ha ha.

Cute cute pictures!