Monday, February 1, 2010

Progress Report

We got Addi's mid-year progress report. We were surprised how accurate it was. She is quite the character, a little mischievous and, sometimes naughty. Her teacher says it so nicely, though. Here is what she had to say:

Student's Strengths: Addison has a high curiosity for the world around her. She is charismatic and draws to those who enjoy the same zest for life. Addison is very energetic and thrives on activities that allow her to have plenty of physical movement and interaction with others.

Student's areas of interest: While outdoors, although Addison utilizes all playground equipment, she is often engaged in "rough and tumble" play. When given the option, Addison likes forms of play that allow her to express her imagination, rather than playing roles that have already been defined by others. She prefers child-directed activities that allow her to choose the outcome.

Student's social summary: Although Addison connects easily with those she is engaged with in play, she has a tendency to physically withdraw herself from everyone when her sense of order has been disrupted. Like many of her classmates, Addison is learning to use kind words rather than physical aggression to get her point across, which will help her obtain skills necessary for cooperative play.

Areas for Improvement: Addison often expresses that activities that require her to produce a specific result (i.e. letter writing exercises or cutting out shapes with scissors) are too "hard." Practicing at home will help strengthen her fine-motor development.

Additional Comments and Suggestions: Addison is fun loving, enthusiastic, and kind in nature. She is truly a blessing to have in class!

Do we have our hands full, or what? She is a work in progress and we are so glad she has this chance in pre-school to learn and grow. She loves going to school and her friends there. Luckily, she has another whole year before going to kindergarden to learn how to behave herself a little better!


kori said...

i love her 'social' summary. i can just imagine what sort of kind words addi comes up with. haha. hilarious

Shandra and Christian said...

Addison - Leader of the pack!