Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Happenings

December flew for us. Life was so busy! We started the month out with Ian's first work Christmas party, followed by three more parties and my parent's visiting.
Addi's preschool class had a little party. On the first of December, I went at 5:30 in the morning and waited with a bunch of other crazy moms to secure a spot for her in a pre-k program through the district that will start January 31st. It is five days a week and FREE! I am really excited to get her into a more academic program and see if she is as smart as we think she is (and also to see if she is going to have as hard of I time sitting still as we think she will).
Ian's work party was at the St. Regis and they provided us a room for the night. I want to live there, it was so nice. We took the kids with us and had a hotel babysitter. All hotels need to have babysitters. Best idea ever.
The next morning we took them to Roger's Gardens to check out the decorations. Bubba was in love with the "choo choo train!"
Our big girl.

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