Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Palm Desert Thanksgiving

After having such a good time last year in Palm Desert for Thanksgiving, back in June, Ian and I decided it was a must again this year.
We stayed and had our Thanksgiving meal at the JW Marriott. The meal was amazing as expected. They have everything from the traditional Thanskgiving buffet, to crab legs, a crepe bar, to prime rib, to mac and cheese and uncrustables for the kids. Plus an amazing array of desserts. Amazing.
Addi being Addi.
Don't mind the chocolate on her pretty little face.
One of my helpings of dessert.
Bubba devoring a PBJ. He and the tablecloth were covered in so much food by the time we were done.
After lunch, we went on the gondola they have in the hotel.
They gave the kids sailor hats. It took us a little while before we figured out we were supposed to fold the brim up.
Addi's favorite cousin Carson.
Our not-so-little anymore Bubba. The kid is a moose, we go to his 2 year well baby next week and I wouldn't be surprised if he was off of the charts.
And the fun never ended. After the boat ride, they had crafts for the kids. The hotel was amazing. I want to live there. It was non-stop entertainment for the kids.
And then, of course there was swimming at least twice a day.
And mini golf on a real "mini golf" course, with sand traps and ponds. And I forgot to mention the shopping...we went at about 10 pm on Thursday to the outlets. We didn't stay for long, but got some great deals.
On our way home we stopped at Oak Glen. It was quite a contrast to go from sun to snow. The kids had mixed feelings about it. Bubba fell face first into an icy puddle and wasn't too happy, but enjoyed exploring it prior to that.
This is a typical picture of us these days, trying to contain this child. He now has a mind of his own and doesn't want to hold our hand or have help in any way.
Addi looked mad in every picture I took that day. Kind of funny.


jenn said...

fun adventures! i LOVE the last photo of her all mad and bundled up :)

jayna said...

I love that you went from golf to icy puddles- only in CA! :) Cute pictures!

Di said...

Looks like fun. Only thing more fun is if you came out to visit me. You should...think about it.