Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First day of school

These pictures are a little belated. My friend Kayla, was kind enough to send me these that she took of Addi and her daughter, Meredith. I took pictures before we left for school, but when I went to upload them, they were all black.

Addi & Meredith

Addi's teacher Mrs. Elliot. After the first week of school, I approached her after school to see how Addi was doing. She said she was doing great, really social and that she was listening and following directions? I was surprised and told her that she is kind of a handful at home, to which she responded, "Ya, I can tell." This week, on Monday, I got a call from Addi's school. It was an office lady. She explained to me that Addi had told her that I had forgotten to pack her lunch and that she was supposed to buy hot lunch. Evidently, Addi had told her teacher the same thing. So when lunchtime came, Addi got into the hot lunch line, but when she got to the cash register, she had no cash or money in her account. She explained again to the lunch lady again her "situation," so the lunch lady sent her to the office to borrow some money. Which is when I got the phone call. At first, I frantically looked all over the kitchen thinking I really did forget to put her lunch in her backpack. I knew I had packed a lunch. And it all became very clear...Addi had had a plan. Lied to three adults to try to accomplish her plan. I could hear Addi in the back ground still trying to convince the office lady she was supposed to buy hot lunch! Once we figured it out, she sent Addi back to her class to get her real lunch. Are we in for it or what?

And then there is Von. This is why I didn't even attempt to take a camera to school. This is a daily occurrence. Von thinks that he is a big kid and kicks and screams when he has to leave his sister at school. Did I mention he is 35 plus pounds? I carry him back to the car, hitting, kicking and screaming. I am counting the months until he turns three and gets over these tantrums.


Chelcie said...

Ha ha I love that story of Addi. She's way too sneaky now! The picture of Von crying breaks my heart. Poor little "BIG" kid <3

Shandra said...

Addison!! What a little stinker! I can't believe she can come up with those stories already. Good luck with that little girl.

Tristan throws the same tantrums, urgh! They drive me nuts. The only plus that I have is that he's only 23 lbs. :)

The last Unicorn said...

Addi is going to give you a run for your money! I hate to say it, but I was a little bit like that as a child. I once pretended I broke my leg on the playground and convinced everyone I was really hurt (thanks to a double jointed hip) An ambulance came and took me to the hospital. I think I was jealous of someone who had a cast and got everyone to sign it. I thought I could convince the doc and get one too, but the the x-rays dont lie. Good thing I didnt tell my parents the truth until I was an adult. That medical bill couldnt have been good.
You are in for some fun... with both of those kiddos.

Hilarry said...

I decided Addi needs her own blog. Can you even imagine what she'd come up with? Love her!

kori said...

hahaha. Addi is too funny. I am scared for you for when she is a teenager.