Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Roller skating

I'm always looking for new activities for the kids to keep them entertained. At the gym a few weeks ago, another mom told me about skating lessons at the Fountain Valley skating rink and I thought we'd give them a try. They do a half hour of "free skate," and then a structured 30 minute lesson. I went into it knowing it could turn out great or completely tragic. Luckily, it was a little of both. This is obviously before any skating began. Don't they look so grown up?
So, Von's problem was that he wanted to RUN. And running led to falling. We eventually switched his skates to the Fisher Price ones. They were great, he could run without falling much. Although, about half way through the hour, he just decided that he was done. He sat by the front door and tantrumed until we were ready to go.
The lesson part of it was really great. By the end, and after the teacher had tightened Addi's wheels, she was able to skate without holding on to me. She ended up loving it, even though her many falls, led to many tears. We will be going back soon, once we all recuperate from a month of sickness. It seems every year we are plagued with it. We all have had a variety of the flu, sore throats, colds, coughs, pink eye, etc. I am crossing my fingers we are nearing the end of it.


The Prigmore Family said...

EXCUSE ME!!! When did she turn fourteen? Both of them look so grown up. Tell them to knock it off. Miss you guys!

Chelcie said...

Wow! Addi has it down, she looks like a pro! Bubba crying on the floor broke my heart.I looooove him.