Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And then Von had a birthday...

Von at The Mormon Battalion Museum during Thanksgiving

Von's 3rd birthday was December 12th. We kept it mellow too. All he wanted was to go to Chick-Fil-A and Chuck-e-Cheese, so Ian took off work early and we were off.

He is still so sweet mixed with toddler craziness. He is my little BFF. We hang out all day everyday while Addi is in full day kindergarden. He still takes 3 hour naps everyday and sleeps from about 6:30 pm to 6:30 am every night. I know, we are so lucky to have such great sleepers. It is such a blessing that we are fully aware of. He is still not potty trained. We tried the entire month of October, but he could not, not pee and poop everywhere at all times! Seriously, He would pee in the potty and then within five minutes pee all over my floor, or in a store, or at school. You name it, he probably peed on it. We were over it. So once we move (we are relocating to the Bay Area within the next month or two) I will try again.

He is a great little talker and adores his sister. Every morning when the school bell rings, he has to find her on the playground to give her a big hug and kiss before we go or he has a major meltdown. He loves going to the gym with me. It's our little routine every morning after we drop Addi off at school. Everyone at the gym knows him by name and greets him (not me) as we come and go. The girls there love him and he loves them. Since moving, he doesn't really have any friends, so they and the kids there are his friends. One day I walked in to pick him up and I caught him hugging and planting a big kiss on a little girl's lips. Both kids have their yearly check ups today. I'll have to update his stats after. He is still huge, as tall as a couple of kids in Addi's Kindergarden class.

Here are a few of his favorite things...
1. Cars (although for some reason he calls it "Cars 2," but he is terrified of "Cars 2")

TV Show
1. Team Umizoomi

1. cheese
2. applesauce
3. milkshakes

Apple Juice
Chocolate milk

1. Any of his "Cars" toys
2. Books
3. His boo boo

Phrase he says
1. "It's morning time!"

Places to go
1. Chick-Fil-A
2. Nickel City
3. Legoland


kori said...

i miss bubba!

Shandra said...

You truly are blessed to have two great sleepers!!! I couldn't imagine!

I love his obsession with cars. At least it's not Dora anymore, right? :)

Von is such a sweet boy. I only wish that Tristan and him could live closer to each other so they could be BFs. Happy Birthday Von boy!