Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nothing to blog...

We haven't been up to much lately.  Just getting back in the swing of things after being off of school for Christmas.  Here are a few quotes of Addi's lately.  She never ceases to crack us up!

At the doctor's office...
Addi while sitting on my lap says to the doctor, "I'm half boy/half girl."  The doctor looks at me.

I look at Addi and say, "What?"

She says, "Tell him mom."

"Tell him what?"  I ask.

"Tell him I like boy things, like video games and Star Wars."

"Oh, your a tomboy."  I say.

"No, half boy/half girl."

To make matters worse, Von was on the examine table with pink toenails courtesy of Addi.

In the car...
"Mom, I'm good at three things--singing, making music, making stories and drawing pictures."

She's loves everything her dad loves and is creative just like him.

Yesterday, also in the car...
"The kids at school call me teenage girl because they think I'm a teenager."

"Why do they think you are a teenager?" I ask.  I know why I think she acts like a teenager.  Please tell me she doesn't have that attitude at school, I'm thinking.

"Because I'm six," she says.  "And only two other boys in my class are six like me."  I was glad that was the only qualifying factor.


jayna said...

I died about the pink toe nails!!

Chelcie said...

I love addi & all the crazy things she talks about. I could talk to her all day!