Monday, July 2, 2012

The Rest of June

June was a busy month for us.  Once school ended, we were constantly on the go trying to keep the kids entertained.  We were up in Orange County, and made a stop by the Aleeda warehouse to get the kids new rash guards.  They just happen to make the costumes for The Aquabats! Supershow!  And of course, Addi had to have the helmet and goggles.   
Von all tuckered out after a long day of being on the go.
Father's day weekend, we met up with Ian's family at Paradise Point.  There was lots of pool time and relaxing.
Jaime and Luke invited Addi and I to see a sneak peak at the new movie Brave.
The kids took swim lessons at Westview High the two weeks after school got out.
We've been hitting up the local library every Thursday for the different shows they've been putting on.  Last week was a Mad Science guy.
And now on to me...last week was a stressful one.  I had four doctor's appointments and three ultrasounds due to low fluid levels.  They were really low on Monday.  If they had been any lower, they would have had to induce me, but through the week, they gradually creeped up to an almost normal level.  I had to stop working out and lay low.  Luckily, the kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves, because we haven't left the house much with the exception of all of my appointments.  I have two more ultrasounds this week to make sure I don't need to be induced.  We will see what happens.  Hopefully, I will deliver this baby on my own sometime this week!  On top of all of that, I had two baby showers and put on a garage sale last weekend with Jaime and Dan (I'm not so good at laying low).  My ward hosted a shower for me and Ian's department heads threw a "surprise" shower for me last week.  It was suppose to be a surprise for Ian and I, but Ian's boss luckily gave Ian the heads up so he could prepare me for it.  

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