Friday, June 26, 2009


Von started swim lessons this month with Scott. He loves the water, but lessons can be a whole different ball game. He did great at the first one, did not cry once, even when his face was put under water or when he had to float on his back.
He took to Scott really well, smiling the whole time.
The second lesson was very different. He was not a happy being forced to float or having his face put under. He cried almost the entire time. It is totally worth the tears, however, to know that someday he will be a safer kid around the water, and we look forward to seeing his progress.


Shandra and Christian said...

wow, His hair is so blond now! I wonder what made him sad the second time around. Maybe he's on to you guys now and he realizes that it's not just fun and games. Smart cookie.

kori said...


Di said...

You're so brave. I hope they have swim lessons like that in Hawaii. Vanessa & I are gonna need them.