Monday, July 26, 2010

Corned Beef

My Grandma's corned beef gets a post of it's own. It was a special request of mine. For years and years and years, my grandparents would drive all the way to downtown Seattle to go to this little butcher shop to buy this special corned beef. So, one of the last times my mom was in Seattle, she picked up a few of them so we could have some when I was there. It was just like I remembered it. Amazing. I am so skeptical to buy or try corned beef anywhere else, because I am afraid it will not measure up to this corned beef. So we had a traditional meal of my grandma's with curried fruit and scalloped potatoes, the dishes we grew up on (and were chubby kids because of). Also, while I was there, I went searching through my grandparent's basement for some hidden treasures. And treasures I did find. I came home with a krumkake and rosette (both Norwegian pastries) iron, vintage fabric, recipes for lefse and kanekabrod, and a set of baby spoons that were my great grandma's.


Julie said...

Ahhh....your grandparents always had a house full of treasures. Looks like you had a great trip and the kids enjoyed their time with the fam.

I heard I missed you by one day. Hopefully one of these times our trips home will overlap. Take care of yourself and give the kiddos a kiss for me.

Brooke and Mando said...

Everything sounded amazing!