Monday, July 26, 2010

Eagles and an Oreo

So, while the kids and I were hanging out outside, the eagles that live on my parent's property decided to make an appearance. This is Addi and the 40 foot bluff we are constantly trying to keep the kids away from.
And then all of a sudden, here is one of the parents with a crow. They were both diving for dinner.
And then there is Bubba with an oreo...
...and one of the baby eagles on the branch on the right side of the tree.
And then both of the parents flew overhead. Crazy.
And then later that night, one of the baby eagles, who had yet to leave it's nest yet, got stuck on one of the branches below the nest. My dad and I watched for about a half hour as both of the parents tried to coax the eagle off of the tree. I went inside, but by the morning, the baby was off of the branch, hopefully he had a safe first flight.


Shandra and Christian said...

I love your house in WA. so amazing.

bubba eating oreos, my fave.

Brooke and Mando said...

I love how you were talking about the eagles, and then randomly posted a pic of Von eating an oreo. Haha i want to squeeze him!