Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter Morning

I know the lighting in this picture is horrible, but this is such a typical sight we see I had to post it. Von and his Boo Boo. He is either chewing on it, smelling it, or dragging it from room to room all day long.
Addi and her basket. The kids were so excited, it was like Christmas morning all over again (not quite). Ian actually did all of the shopping for their baskets. He did a great job picking out special things he knew they would each love. Von got stuffed Mario and Luigi dolls. Ian and the kids at night will play video games together, one of which is some sort of Super Mario game, which is Von's favorite. He constantly asks for, "Mario! Mario, Daddy!"
The hunt.
And the loot...again.
I only managed to get a picture of Addi in her easter attire. Our pretty girl.

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Bronson said...

They're just sooo cute! I love how attached bubba is to his blanket!