Thursday, June 30, 2011

Disneyland and Club 33

Last week, the San Diego administrators from Ian's work all got invited to bring their families to Disneyland and have lunch at Club 33.
We hit up the Jungle Cruise first. It was Von's first time he had been to Disneyland since he was a baby, he was genuinely so scared of all of the fake animals along the shore of the cruise.
Another scared face. He was so scared, he was shaking.
Club 33 is an exclusive restaurant where you have to be a member or invited by one. There are rules you have to follow and they have a dress code. All of the artwork in the restaurant are originals from Walt Disney's home. The food was really good, Ian and I both had the filet mignon. Yum, but a little weird to be eating it at 11 am. And they had a buffet, that you ate before your main entree came.
Von was particularly crabby that day. Thank goodness for the chocolate straws from the buffet and Netflix on my phone. He was on the verge of being disastrous. He kept drumming his silverware on the fine china. The wait staff was not to happy with us.
Addi and her Buzz light the kids got with their drinks.
The chocolate straw. AKA lifesaver.
Addi in the entrance.
After lunch, we hit up some rides at Disneyland and then headed over to California Adventure.
So pretty.
The new Little Mermaid ride was really well done, and luckily the wait was only about 20 minutes.
Don't you love his hair? I do.
The only picture of me from the whole day, taken by myself. Excuse the greasy face, it was hot that day!
I love this picture of Addi with Stitch. She just looks so unsure. It was a great day!

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Chelcie said...

Love all the pictures! Addison is such a beautiful little girl & bubba is just adorable. I'm going to miss you guys!